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He will come! Pilot: Wojciech Bamberski You are all welcome to participate in Krzysztof Polaczenko painting exhibition and book promotion during the festival
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Natalia Kukulska and LIMALH as a stars of Festival!

Festival will feature a true icons of ballooning!


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2015 Event Schedule

 Friday 8th May
10:00 am – 4:00 pm Balloon Teams registration
4:00 pm Festival Opening Ceremony
5:30 pm Briefing – Pilot meeting
6:00 – 9:00 pm Evening flight – Krzyżowa and around
Spring night flash – balloon highlighting show
Saturday 9th may
5:30 am Briefing – Pilot meeting
6:00 – 8:30 am Morning flight  – Dzierżoniów start in Osir lub Lechia stadium
11:00 am Kids football tournament , Picnic on the green
12:00 am Artistic Studio Katharsis performance
2:00 pm Football tournament winners decoration
3:00 pm Balloon presentation – interviews and movies
4:30 pm Balloon Wedding – Krzyżowa Palace
5:00 pm Wedding flight
5:00 pm Engagement flights
5:00 pm Briefing – Pilot meeting
5:30 – 7:00 pm Evening flights – Krzyżowa
7:00 pm Star of Balloon Festival concert
Natalia Kukulska
8:00 pm Star of Balloon Festival concert
The Sofa Kings – Garage band alternative Rock
8:30 pm Fire dance – Pole dance & Glin Gal
9:00 pm Evening presentation – Special shapes balloons
9:30-10:30 pm Star of Balloon Festival concert – Honky Tonk Brothers
 Sunday 10th may
5:30 am Briefing – Pilot meeting
6:00 – 8.30 am Morning flight Krzyżowa and around
11:00 am Football tournament, games for kids
2:00 pm Balloon presentation – interviews and movies
Football tournament winners decoration
3:00 pm Balloon competition awards ceremony
Contests results
4:00 pm Star of Balloon Festival concert
Tekla Klebetnica
8:00 pm Star of Balloon Festival concert
9:30 pm Fireworks show – Balloon Festival Krzyżowa 2015 closing ceremony

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Music Festival Star

The 2014 Music Fiesta promises a superstar lineup with artist performances.

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Festival Map

WejścieEntrance VIP and staff only VIP Parking Balloon Teams

Staff only

pokazBalloon Park Restricted Area – Balloon Start
Catering, Market Stalls Funfair Open Air


Sport, Recreation

and Education Ground

Information Centre, Meeting Point, VIP Zone, Management Centre Briefing Hall, Conference Room, Cinema, Exhibition Area
Cafe Guesthouse Canteen for Balloon Teams Hotel Event Stage